About us

Why We Created The Uncuttable Lockbox

The Uncuttable lockbox was first designed in Melbourne, Australia. With our experience of managing a large number of Airbnb properties we quickly found there was no good solution for effectively exchanging keys with guests on a regular basis.

Key exchange services were far too expensive and time consuming, and regular lockboxs although effective came with the painful problem of constantly going missing. We quickly realised that the regular lockboxs we were using were simply being cut off, either by thieves, city council workers or building managers.

We tried replacing our regular lockboxs as soon as they were cut off, but this turned out to be far too expensive and time consuming, with multiple properties having their lockboxs cut off within days of being replaced, resulting in thousands of dollars of costs, and many headaches.

To solve our problem we enlisted the help of an expert metal fabrication firm to create a lockbox that could not be cut off. After a few iterations the Uncuttable lockbox was born, and has now been successfully installed at countless Airbnb properties across the country, solving the key exchange challenge once and for all.

Now that we have successfully solved our own key exchange challenges by implementing the Uncuttable lockbox at all of our Airbnb properties we are now offering our solution to the world, so that others can benefit from the excellent key exchange solution we have developed.