Why Do I Need An Uncuttable Lockbox?

Unfortunately all regular lockbox's often get cut off by thieves, vandals, city council workers and building managers when attached outside in a busy area. The shackle of a standard lockbox is very weak, and easily cut with even the smallest pair of bolt cutters. That is why we have designed the Uncuttable lockbox, to protect you from anyone who may want to remove or vandalise your lockbox.

How Strong Are Uncuttable Lockbox's?

Our uncuttable lockboxs are extremely strong. With over 20mm thick of solid steel in the shackle, they are completely safe against bolt cutters and hydrolic cutters, and highly resistant to all other cutting tools. 

Can Someone Remove My Uncuttable Lockbox If They Have The Access Code?

That depends. We offer 3 different installation options that you can choose from when attaching your uncuttable lockbox. If you attached your uncuttable lockbox using the permanent installation method then no, no one will be able to steal or remove your lockbox even if they have your access code. If you attached your uncuttable lockbox using either the flexible or security installation options, then they may be able to remove it if they have your access code or if the box is left unlocked.

What Is Included When I Purchase An Uncuttable Lockbox?

All of our uncuttable lockboxs come with everything you will need. Each pack includes the lockbox, the uncuttable shackle and all tools and bolts required for whichever installation option you choose (Flexible, Security or Permanent). We also provide a very detailed instruction document to make everything very easy for you. By following our simple instructions you will easily have your uncuttable lockbox attached within 2 minutes.

Which Installation Option Is Best?

With each purchase we provide everything required for 3 different installation options, including Flexible Installation, Security Installation and Permanent Installation. The installation option you choose is entirely up to you, but we recommend the Permanent Installation option. With this option you will not be able to unattach your uncuttable lockbox once it is installed, but also thieves will never be able to remove your uncuttable lockbox either, even if they have access to your code or find the box unlocked. With the Permanent Installation option, you will never have to worry about your uncuttable lockbox.

Are Uncuttable Lockbox's Only Available In Australia And New Zealand?

At the moment yes. Due to the heavy weight of the item we currently only post within Australia and New Zealand. If you are from another country and interested in purchasing an uncuttable lockbox please send us an email and we will let you know if we can post to your location.